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Dec 25, 2021
Photo by Derek Redd – The Wheeling YMCA, headquartered in Elm Grove, offers myriad opportunities to improve one’s physical fitness.
WHEELING — With Christmas here and New Year’s Day a week away, a look toward 2022 is coming for many around Wheeling. Resolutions might be on many to-do lists and getting in shape and melting off the holiday pounds will be among the most popular.
The Wheeling YMCA, headquartered in Elm Grove, provides a multitude of opportunities to exercise the body, mind and spirit, executive director Adam Shinsky said.
“There’s pretty much something for everybody,” he said. “That’s starting with kids age 6 months for ‘Water Babies’ swim lessons to our oldest member who’s 97 years old.”
There’s something at the YMCA for people of any age or demographic to take advantage of to get fit, Shinsky said, many of them are free to Y members. The fitness center is available for strength and cardiovascular training, along with a variety of group fitness classes – from early morning boot camps to chair yoga and a “Silver Sneakers” program for seniors.
“We have over 20 to 25 classes,” Shinsky said. “That’s just what the mission of the Y is all about. It’s more than just a gym and a place to play basketball and swim. We care about the social well-being of others.
“Some people are just there to socialize,” he added. “And if some people are just there for the chair yoga, that may be the only people they may talk to that week. The Y is here for everybody, regardless of fitness level.”
The YMCA’s goal of serving the children of the area remains paramount, as the options for youth athletic programs are plentiful. Children ages 3-12 have numerous chances to learn and develop in sports before they dive deep into competing for their middle schools.
The YMCA also sponsors a Miracle League sports program for children with special needs and recently opened a new playground on the Elm Grove grounds that accommodates those with special needs.
And for those in need of child care in order to get to the gym, the YMCA provides it from 4-8 p.m. on weeknights. Also, when school is canceled for whatever reason, the Y provides programs for the day for students.
“Pretty much, if you name it, we’ve got it,” Shinsky said.
YMCA operations have pretty much returned to normal over the past year, after the COVID-19 pandemic limited what the Y could provide as infection rates were higher and vaccines were not as widely dispersed. Yet, while things might have slowed down, it never fully stopped the organization, which Shinsky said was older than the state of West Virginia itself.
“Actually, our program numbers are bigger than ever,” Shinsky said. “You really don’t know what you have in town until you lose it. I think that showed how important having something like the Y is for Wheeling.”
For more information on YMCA programs, call 304-242-8086.
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